Bright Star The authentic life of John Keats

Bright Star

The authentic life of John Keats

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On the heels of a renewed global interest in the figure and writing of 19th century British poet John Keats (as attested by Jane Campion’s acclaimed film by the same title), Elido Fazi’s Bright Star retraces the last period of the young poet’s life, as he struggles with financial hardship and family drama. Through a fragmented, non sequential narrative, in line with Keats’ complex style and character, the book brings to life the personality of a man who dared to tackle life’s deepest contradictions. In this intimate portrait, Keats’ encounters with some of the foremost personalities of his time – Shelley, Wordsworth, Coleridge – are viewed through the eyes of a man of humble origins, yet imbued with a unique sensibility. In the book, Keats’ struggle to give a literary voice to his powerful vision is intertwined with the tragic fate of the poet’s brothers, and ultimately of Keats himself, struck down by an illness at the age of 26. In his search for the ultimate meaning of things, even his relationship with Fanny acquired a transcendental importance: a matter non simply of affection, but of spiritual communion. Elido Fazi draws heavily – and liberally – not only on Keats’ poetic production, but also on his ample and humorous correspondence, shedding light on some of the most quirky and least-known details of the poet’s life. In dedicating his life to a never-ending meditation on concepts which our modern sensibility holds so dear – but which often fell on deaf ears with his contemporaries – such as Good, Beauty and Truth, Keats proved to be a mystical and visionary modern hero, who was centuries ahead of his time, and will be remembered for centuries to come.

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Elido Fazi

Elido Fazi si laurea in Economia e Commercio presso l'Università La Sapienzadi Roma e nel 1977 consegue un Master in Economia presso l'Università di Manchester. Nel 1979, dopo due anni presso la Ford of Europe di Londra, entra alla Business International Corporation, per la quale dall'86 dirige la sede italiana. Nel 1989 viene nominato Vice Presidente di Business International/The Economist Intelligence Unit, con responsabilità per i paesi mediterranei. Nel 1993 fonda Business International, società a capitale italiano che gestisce il marchio Business International di proprietà dell'Economist Group con un accordo di licensing. Nel 1994 fonda la casa editrice, Fazi Editore. Ha tradotto e pubblicato il poema in versi La caduta di Iperione (1995), e ha scritto due romanzi ispirati alla vita di John Keats, L'amore della luna (2005) e Bright Star (2010). Con Paolo C. Conti, ha pubblicato il pamphlet Euroil. La borsa iraniana del petrolio e il declino dell'impero americano (2007). Di grande successo fu la collana One Euro, in cui pubblicò La terza guerra mondiale? La verità sulle banche, Monti e l'Euro (2012) e La terza guerra mondiale? libro secondo - Chi comanda, Obama o Wall Street? (2012). Con Gianni Pittella (vice presidente del Parlamento Europeo) ha pubblicato Breve storia del futuro degli Stati Uniti d'Europa (2013).

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